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PRESS RELEASE Snowgirls The Movie

 Snow Invaders From Outer Space


POME Media House published the first Freeski-Snowboard documentary about female riders from Slovakia and the Czech Republic in December 2012. Trailer was published on 25th November 2012 through website and was seen by more than 11 000 viewers.

Movie is in final version of 23 minutes and 28 seconds long. It was published online on 21st Dec 2012 at 21:12.

The whole documentary is presented the world of freeskiing and snowboarding to the audience from the view of professional riders. Natalia Slepecka, Zuzana Stromkova, Klaudia Medlova and Martina Molnarova describe chronologically the process of one season namely from the autumn trips up to summer trainings. It involves the first traveling for snow, riding in Slovak ski resorts and TOP European snowparks, participation in competitions abroad and prestigious events as well as enjoying of spring shreds and having fun with friends.

There is also highlighted correct grounding and training as an important part of the sport.

Except Slovak and Czech female riders performed their riding skills also several freeski and snowboard female riders from abroad. Overall there have been 19 riders in the movie.

Freeski girls: Natalia Slepecka (SK), Zuzana Stromkova (SK), Petra Jureckova (SK), Kristyna Kapounova (CZ), Michaela Hlinkova (SK), Eveline Bhend (SUI), Silvia Bertagna (IT). Snowboard girls: Klaudia Medlova (SK), Martina Molnarova (SK), Lucie Zabranska (CZ), Katerina Vojackova (CZ), Basa Stevulova (SK), Sarka Pancochova (CZ), Kristina Bobakova (SK), Dominika Kralikova (SK), Zuzana Medlova (SK), Diana Augustinova (CZ), Tereza Cermakova (CZ), Sabina Pintar (SLO).


Link to movie with English subtitles:

outter- space-final


Snowgirls The Movie had premieres in Liptovsky Mikulas (SK), Zilina (SK), Bratislava (SK) and in cooperation with Czech brand of freestyle skis OXskis in Prague (CZ) as well. Premieres of Snowgirls The Movie were associated with showing of the movie about freestyle snowboarding by Peter Caja, Back To The Streets.

The whole project is realized by Pome Media House. Team Snowgirls The Movie: Snow Invaders From Outer Space is as follows: Producer: Filip Zbojek

Production: Martina Molnarova

Director and editor: Juraj Lovas

Animation: Matej Jancar, Brian Blan

Graphics: Andrea Klvackova


Realization was possible with the help of the following partners:










Media partners:




Freeskiing and freestyle snowboarding are sports which are more and more popular in the world and in Slovakia more and more young people are involved in these sports. People, who are doing these sports, differ by colorful clothes, creative style of riding, wide choice of possible tricks, they get to know with snowparks and people who are already keen on these sports. At competitions the style and presentation of tricks are more important than the time. Freeskiing has been changing in a recent time as it was included in the Winter Olympics in Sochi (RUS) 2014.

Slovakia has female talents that not only excel in freesking and freestyle snowboarding, but also achieve success home and abroad. Since 2010 year the project snowgirls has begun to document riding, trainings and traveling of four successful Slovak riders (Zuzana Stromkova, Natalia Slepecka, Klaudia Medlova, Martina Molnarova). Through video episodes and tutorials the project offers view into the world of these sports, presents it to the public and encourages to try something new. Since February 2012 the project has gained a second wind and has begun to document the way of Natalia, Zuzana and Klaudia to the Winter Olympics in Sochi (RUS) 2014.

POME Media House:

- professional video studio with server technological background specialized for freestyle and lifestyle with the biggest video archive in Slovakia. - already 3rd season they produce regular programs for their own internet TV / over 300 videos and total reach over 400 000 views / 1 300 000 displays.

- straight monthly reach 5 500 people, long-term media cooperation with local and national media (internet, print, TV) - more at


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