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World-class athletes soared the skies under optimal flying conditions during Sunday's finals, delivering freestyle sports at its absolute finest. The whirlwind fall weekend in Zurich attracted a total of 32,000 thrilled fans, its Sunday program marked by sovereign victors and packed crowds, not to mention a Crossover Session like never before, captured for the rest of the world to 2012 was quite simply history in the making.

Following Saturday's qualifications, it came as no surprise when the new wild kids on the block grabbed the spotlight at Sunday's finals. In the freeski discipline, young riders were even pulling off tricks never before witnessed in contests. The exceptionally talented Pat Burgener (Lausanne VD) and Kai Mahler (Fischenthal ZH) were able to fully parlay their strengths in the snowboard and freeski categories. The huge crowd gathered at Zurich's Landiwiese Park on Sunday had the incredible luck to witness Swiss stars in the making live at 2012. 18-year old Burgener and 17-year-old Mahler may be just coming of age, but these guys prevailed over the semi-finals like a couple of old pros fortified with nerves of steel. Even so, after an incredibly hard fought final, Mahler had to eventually admit defeat to Henrik Harlaut (SWE), and Burgener was forced to slide back behind Chas Guldemond (USA) and Antoine Truchon (CAN). Yet despite the fact that this guy from the French-speaking part of Switzerland clearly had what it takes to win, Burgener was quite happy with his third-place finish: "Just the fact that I'm here and competing in this final is a major high for me. It can only get better next year."

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